Anti Aging Hand Cream: Best of the Best

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Rank No. 1 Derm Exclusive

Derm Exclusive is not just one cream, but an entire treatment comprised out of four products: the Micro Peel Resurfacing, Extensive Repair Serum, Collagen Lift Solution and the Fill & Freeze cream. All these products have to be applied twice every day if you want to see the truly spectacular results.

Also, you may want to know the fact that there is actual research and science behind this cream and the fact that Dr. Andrew Ordon, the plastic surgeon who came up with this series of products, actually recommends this treatment the same way as he recommends his own plastic surgery procedures. Find out more about this product on our full review on Derm Exclusive.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Brand NameEfficiencyPriceCustomer Rating
Derm Exclusive


All these products are great in their own way, but if you want something with long-lasting effects, then the Derm Exclusive product is for you. It is a complete skincare system formulated with potent ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin as a whole.

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